Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Panhellenic Council

The Panhellenic Council (PHC) serves as the unifying and governing body for 14 sororities at the University of Minnesota. The PHC legislative body is composed of the council's executive board and delegates from each of the member chapters. PHC creates and implements policies, programs, and training opportunities for its member organizations, and serves as a liaison between the Greek community and various departments and offices within the University of Minnesota. While each chapter embodies their own values, the council as a whole focuses on recruitment, women’s empowerment, leadership development, community service, campus involvement, Greek spirit, and academic achievement. Its officers follow the local PHC constitution and bylaws as well as all National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) Policies. PHC officers attend meetings with the executive committee, representatives of the three governing councils within the fraternity and sorority community, and fraternity and sorority advisors.


The Panhellenic Council facilitates recruitment in two ways: Formal Recruitment and Informal Recruitment. Formal Recruitment is a mutual selection process held each fall that allows for potential members and chapters to find the best organizational fit for future members. Through this four-day process, potential members will begin by visiting the eleven participating chapters, and gradually narrowing down the amount of chapters throughout the week. Informal Recruitment is a more casual approach to meeting potential new members, where the chapters set their own schedules and organize their own events. All 14 of the Panhellenic chapters have the ability to participate in Informal Recruitment. Both recruitment processes are values-based, which means women are encouraged to have conversations centered around their person and chapter values.


President: Seyoung Lee -

Executive Vice President: Lydia Swanson -

Vice President of Recruitment: Hanna Nelson -

Vice President of Public Relations: Emily Kujawa -

Vice President of Programming: Paige Holtz -

Vice President of Finance: Claire Fossell -

Vice President of Academics and Scholarship: Nadia Testut -

Vice President of Membership Development: Mattison Grant -

Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion, & Accessibility: Isabel Haglin -


Alpha Chi Omega ΑXΩ

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Alpha Chi Omega

Alpha Gamma Delta ΑΓΔ

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Alpha Gamma Delta

Alpha Omicron Pi ΑOΠ

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Alpha Omicron Pi

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Alpha Phi

Alpha Sigma Kappa-Women in Technical Studies ΑΣK

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Alpha Sigma Kappa-Women in Technical Studies

Chi Omega

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Chi Omega

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Delta Gamma

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Gamma Phi Beta

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