Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Multicultural Greek Council


The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) at the University of Minnesota was established to address the interests of the growing number of multicultural and culturally specific greek-letter organizations. Each of these member organizations are founded upon celebrating cultural diversity and educating the community about their rich cultural heritage and are a powerful medium through which group members can express and share their cultural pride. The members cherish the belief that the college experience is more valuable when it includes self-expression through the richness of diversity.


Potential new members may participate in a new member education process with a group of events called Rush, which is a week of informal events where potential new members are able to connect with the current members of participating organizations. Through social, service, and academic activities, potential new members learn more about the organization, all leading up to the end of the Rush process where, if all requirements are met, an opportunity is extended to the potential new member. All organizations typically conduct both fall and spring rush events.


Point of Contact:

President: Eva Garcia

Internal Vice President: Richard Gavilan-Blaz

External Vice President: Elena Atiles

Treasurer: Suhas Andavolu

Secretary: Cy Tamanaha

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Alpha Phi Gamma ΑΦΓ

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Alpha Phi Gamma

Beta Chi Theta ΒΧΘ

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Beta Chi Theta

Delta Phi Omega ΔΦΩ

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Delta Phi Omega

Pi Delta Psi ΠΔΨ

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Pi Delta Psi

Sigma Lambda Beta ΣΛΒ

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Sigma Lambda Beta

Sigma Lambda Gamma ΣΛΓ

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Sigma Lambda Gamma

Sigma Psi Zeta ΣΨΖ

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Sigma Psi Zeta

Kappa Phi Lambda KΦΛ

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Kappa Phi Lambda

Lambda Phi Epsilon ΛΦE

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Lambda Phi Epsilon